iPhone 5 Coming to Sprint and T-Mobile

Sprint and T-Mobile USA customers may not have to wait that long for a shot at the next iPhone. That’s according to Piper Jaffray analyst Chris Larsen, the latest to weigh in on the mounting speculation that carriers beyond AT&T and Verizon Wireless will get the next iPhone. Last week, Citadel analyst Shing Yin said he believed Apple would […]

Is AT&T Suffering in the Age of Smartphones?

Companies like AT&T and Verizon have always turned a profit. But these days, with smart phone users at an all-time high, AT&T may be cutting down its advertising funds to focus on other areas. Why the switch? Could it be that the market is so highly over saturated there’s no need for even more ads? […]

New Reports about the Thickness of iPhone 5

World´s slimmest smart-phone is going to launch on 12th September. There are several rumors that are emerging from different websites about the size and thickness of the iPhone 5. However, about the thickness of this phone, iPhone 5 enthusiasts are expecting a size around7.6 mm. Many websites are quoting the Chinese newspapers to support their expectation about the size […]

Pregnancy Apps for iPhone

Lately, it seems like America is seeing another baby boom. There are so many women that are expecting babies and they can be seen almost everywhere! Many of these women find that they are simply ecstatic about becoming mommies and first time moms want to know everything that is going on with their developing babies. […]

Are iPhones on Their Way Out?

While in much of the world, Android rules when it comes to smartphone platform, in the US 53.3% of smartphones sold are iPhones, according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. Through December 2012, though, there were several indications that iPhones may not enjoy market dominance forever. Apple stock was on the decline that month and the Financial […]

Why You Should Be Using The Evernote App – Review

The Evernote App took a long time to catch on and the people behind Evernote almost went bust, but managed to scrape by until revenues started to flow. Thankfully, Android, Apple and Windows users alike can now benefit from all that Evernote has to offer with its unusual note taking abilities. Evernote comes in several […]

Top 5 Motoring Apps

Motorists who also own smartphones can take advantage of many different apps that are specifically tailored to suit their needs. There are thousands of great motoring apps that are being used every second to help drivers the world over. Here are just a few of the ones we like. Motorway Walks and Breaks This iPhone […]

Future Features of iOS7 of iPhone and iPad

The last time Apple provided an OS upgrade to its users of various Apple devices were in iOS6 and it was quite a hit. Users liked most of the features that were added that was the primary reason for its success. With the rumors that the iOS7 is on fast track and that the release […]

[Rumor] iPhone 5 pre-orders begin September 12

It’s time to cheer up for apple fans. Just a few days back, several high authority websites were engaged in publishing the news about iPhone 5 launch. They all are expecting this to happen on the 12th of September 2012. However, some other websites were also publishing news that the company is also intending to […]

[Review] Find My iPhone App


Each day, there are millions of missed calls and unanswered texts in the United States alone. The reason for part of this is because people are constantly misplacing their cellphones. So many people get annoyed with the sounds their phone makes that they actually turn the sounds completely off and either leave their phone on […]